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Red Tangled Apartment

Project Info

Designer: Alan Y. L. Chan
Site: Soho, Hong Kong
Program: Studio Apartment
Total square footage: 400 sq ft

Project Description

This apartment is located in a populated and hip area packed with art galleries, bars and restaurants. The design of this 400 sq. ft. apartment provides a flexible and adaptive solution for urban living. The apartment consists of three major components: a primary living space, an interchangeable apparatus – “Red-Tangled” – and a supporting bath area. The envelope of the living space is rendered white, occupied by low cabinets, a seating bench, a retractable study desk, kitchen cabinets, and a counter to fulfill functional requirements. The “Red-Tangled” is celebrated in the center, becoming the core of the main space, enabling an unobstructed path around the perimeter window envelope. This apparatus includes a queen size bed, a dining table, a double-sided sofa and storage space, providing multi-domestic functions within one unit. Not only does it maximize the space, but also fuses the boundaries of the living, dining and sleeping areas. Finally, a red passageway to the bathroom area forms a threshold of privacy connecting the living area. The material palette also includes raw poured concrete flooring with a matte acrylic finish, translucent glass panels for all interior doors, and raw timber for the bench and sliding tabletop, adding a sensual touch to the space.